The Statistics of EBI: P2 Nogi Styles

EBISo continuing on from where I left I decided to categories EBI players into styles. I must acknowledge that this list is heavily based on a post on the post on Types of BJJ Players ( so all credit to Sam Y. I have just adapted it to be nogi grappling friendly with my own thoughts on the styles. So here it is:

Notes: At the higher levels of grappling the descriptions and weaknesses of each style will be less applicable as players become more experienced and their style more a reflection of their varied skillset. The examples given for each style only refers to those grapplers A-games. I have no doubt every grappler on this list is formidable from multiple positions. Finally, high level grapplers are often all-rounders who are a combination of two or more styles (e.g. Andre Galvao, Jean Jacques Machado, and Braulio Estima)

Wrestler – Generally prefers to play top and stay off his/her back. High pressure game. High degree of head and neck control, tough to finish and constant pressure. Will have one or two high percentage takedowns that they favour. Generally wins in points rulesets at lower levels. Judoka, Catch Wrestlers and grapplers with heavy top pressure often fit into this style. Progresses fast up to purple and slows down in progression after that. Hard to lock up a guillotine against because they are used to that attack. Weaknesses: Triangles, Entanglements, Leg Locks.

Examples – Josh Barnett, Rustam Chisev, AJ Argazam

Moves – Arm Triangle, North South Choke

Guard – Loves to play from the bottom favouring a particular guard. High hip, legs and feet dexterity. Easy to sweep when on top because they prefer to play on their back. Takedowns are not a strong point. Easier to leg lock until they become used to it. Higher level players have excellent guard retention with their ability to Granby and invert. Weakness: Pressure, Posture.

Examples – Marcus Almeida, Roberto Abreu, Keenan Cornelius

Moves – Closed Guard, Specialist Guards (Rubber, Z, Sean Willams Guard)

Dynamic – Does not overtly favour any position though may have a few favourite submission chains. Always is in motion and can be hard to hold down. Often catches submissions in transition. Constant movement can often lead to mistakes however. Exciting style to watch. Weakness: Outplaying them at their game, Better scrambling ability, Pinning.

Examples – Marcelo Garcia, Garry Tonon, Geo Martinez

Moves – Entanglement Positions (Truck, Kimura), Flying Submissions, Scrambling Ability

Orthodox – Specialist in what is considered the basics of BJJ. For example; closed guard from the bottom, Pass to mount on top. Are conservative with movement and defensive. Usually much more experienced with the gi at lower levels. They usually play an attrition based game, looking to tap you once you are tired. Difficult to submit from top. Weaknesses: Darce/Brabo Style Chokes, Leg Locks, X and Half Guard.

Examples – Kron Gracie, Roger Gracie, Fabricio Werdum

Moves – Armbar

Leglocks – Loves to attack the legs and can capitalise on small mistakes. Usually a specialised nogi player. At higher levels will look to establish leg control before submission. Usually a leg lock player will be combination of another type. Weakness: Pressure, Pinning, Can have a one-dimensional game.

Examples – Dean Lister (Butterfly Guard), Eddie Cummings (Seated/Butterfly Guard), Reilly Bodycomb (Dynamic Entries)

Moves – Heel Hook, Kneebar



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