An Introduction

So I’ve started a BJJ blog. I hope to catalog and archive my experiences in my BJJ journey in the hope that it will be beneficial to current colleges, future students and ability to analyse my own game.

I expect that this will primarily be a nogi (i.e. jacketless, no kurta) blog consisting of my musings on techniques, philosophy and mindset of submission grappling.

I train at 80/20 BJJ in Perth, Western Australia under Dion Mendel and at the time of writing am a blue belt. I have been training since 2010, though I have had some time off from then till now.

I don’t train in the gi at all, since all my interest is currently focused on submission only, non IBJJF legal, nogi grappling. So if points, not reaping the knee and gi are your thing…this may not be the place for you. But power to you and I hope you can find something useful here. However, if you love chasing the submission, attacking the legs and nogi grappling, I expect you will be right at home here.

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