Levels in Submission Grappling

So often we hear the phrase in Grappling “He/She is on another level” as an explanation for why one grappler defeated another.  As someone who loves studying nogi grappling, such a phrase provides me little information on how to improve. Such an explanation can impair critical thinking and subsequent progression of a grappler. What does being on another level actually mean? […]


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The Statistics of EBI: P3 Numbers

So what works in the submission only environment? Here is the breakdown along with my thoughts: Submissions Overall 74 matches of 105 finished by submission. As you can see leg locks featured strongly with approximately 47% of all matches ending in a leglock. I can only think this is because of the recent trend and evolution […]

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An Introduction

So I’ve started a BJJ blog. I hope to catalog and archive my experiences in my BJJ journey in the hope that it will be beneficial to current colleges, future students and ability to analyse my own game. I expect that this will primarily be a nogi (i.e. jacketless, no kurta) blog consisting of my musings on […]

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